September 14, 2018

Women’s Health: 7 Biggest Concerns

Imagine you came across a gucci bag cheap and unfortunately you missed the deal. This might be a huge problem as a woman. But then your health matters are even more critical than such fashion woes. Here are some of the biggest health concerns for women –

Ovarian cancer

Cancer affecting the fallopian tubes can have several complications if it is not diagnosed at an early stage.

Breast cancer

Regular mammograms can help screen for risks and identify issues at an early stage.


Women do not open up about their emotional health too often. Depression especially postpartum depression continues to be one of the biggest issues for women.

Cervical cancer

Cervical and ovarian cancers should not be confused. Cervical cancer is the one that affects the uterus.

Pregnancy issues

Pregnancy issues like trouble in getting pregnant and complications in pregnancy or health issues following a pregnancy are some of the most common concerns among women.

Birth control

Birth control measures are many. Each of them has their own side effects and various levels of discomfort.

Weight issues

Weight issues are aggravated by body shaming. The societal pressure should not be the factor causing any emotional setbacks. Instead, when women start working on their weight by themselves, a healthy weight would result in a fitter and healthier physique.

Some of the issues mentioned in the list can be avoided. Some of them, however, need special attention, and support from loved ones. Women would have to start listening to what their body says and also pay meticulous attention to the menstrual health and wellness. Weight issues might be the underlying cause of other illnesses but they can easily be addressed with the help of an effective fitness routine. Body positivity and a little time allotted for yourself can cause a huge difference.