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Fertility and Getting Pregnant versus Infertility and Adoption

I just do not support adoption as a solution to fix your infertility. Or her infertility. Or their infertility or just about anyone’s . I do not support domestic infant adoption. Period. See, Adoption will not FIX your problem. Your problem is that you are infertile and cannot have your own child. If you adopt a child, then you will still NOT have your own child. You will have someone else’s child and you will still be infertile. And for you to GET that child, you will have to be part of a highly unethical and inhumane profit driven business. And I don’t care how wonderful you are, how much you have wanted to have a kid, how perfect of parents you would be, you still don’t get a pass on ethics.

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The 50 gallon Penis toy.

So..our hotwater heater has been leaking.First just a little damp spot, them a bit bigger of a puddle. Not so good when you are trying to sell your house (which no one has been biting as it is…feeling like I shall not be going anywhere ..which is FINE really) after like a week I mention it to Rye, who concures that Yes, we have an issue. He claims he…

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