The Uses of the Internet in Medical Field

August 2, 2018

The internet is the electronic world of wonders which is a fast-growing and most interesting medium. The use of computers in medicine is growing rapidly, and it is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The internet is becoming popular day by day in the medical information resource. The varied uses of the internet in the medical field are discussed below.

New vision

By introducing computer-based technology in the medical field, there is an extensive application of internet in the electronic medical record, e-mail, WWW (World Wide Web), and transfer of files. It has created a new vision in patient care, health education and research. This technology is urgently getting incorporated into the total medical information system.

Fast communication

The e-mail with the help of internet is creating a professional relationship between doctors and patients and also between the doctors of similar or different specialties. It has distinct advantages in communication. It is faster, cheaper and can work across the time zone. The presence or absence of the sender or receiver at the two ends and same time does not affect the communication.

Easy access to new developments

The WWW with the help of internet is providing the single platform of image sound and video related to medicine. It is the best medium for electronic publishing of medical journals, magazines, and newspapers. Anyone can access these online medical journals, telemedicine, and other sources on the internet to get updated with the new technological advancements and currently available treatments in different areas of medicine. The social media like the Instagram is also providing useful resources for information and knowledge in the medical field.

Medium of learning

The internet avails the online health screening and assessment, computer-based education and training in varied medicine fields. It is the medium of learning to an international audience. They get access to scientific journals on medicine, educational sites, medicine database research sites, reviews of medical departments and associations along with international chatting facilities.

Sharing medical expertise

The Internet allows instant transmission of graphics and text for medical intervention. It is undoubtedly the ideal medium for sharing medical expertise helping in the treatment of complicated cases, and patients can also get expert opinion via the internet.…

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