How Long Should It Take To Lose 15 Pounds?

August 17, 2018

Losing 15 pounds is a bit higher amount as it takes a lot of hard work, will power, determination and dedication. If you are overweight losing about 5% of your body weight is sufficient to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and major diseases like cancer. Going slowly is highly recommended as experts recommend losing from 1 to 2lbs per week to be the safe weight loss rate. If you follow this you will reach your goal for losing 15 pounds in about 7 to 15 weeks.

It is better that you follow a reliable weight loss program that offers this steady rate of weight loss. Programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast have set good track record in providing weight loss solutions to people of America in a most safe and healthy manner. Nutrisystem follows the strategy of portion control and the foods are prepared under expert guidance. Medifast believes that low calorie foods bring about faster weight loss result and hence provides low calorie meal replacements. You can choose any of these top two diet programs to lose weight in a healthy manner.

When you eat fewer calories than you burn in a day you will be able to create a calorie deficit which leads to weight loss. A deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day will help you to lose from 1 to 2lbs per week. You will have to create the deficit by eating less and working out more. For example, you can cut your daily consumption of calories to 250 per day and exercise to burn 250 calories to create a deficit of 500 calories per day. You can cut down calories from your daily diet by staying away from refined foods, sugar and saturated fat. Your main meals should include lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats and low fat dairy products. You can opt for plain yoghurt, nuts, fresh fruits and snacks.…

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Health Benefits of Running: Why You Should Start Jogging

August 11, 2018

If you do not like running, then have a look at the benefits it offers, and you will definitely change your mind. The best part is you can start jogging in Lightestfoot anytime as it is a natural motion and it will get accommodated into your schedule easily. But the benefit you receive is mind-blowing.

Running strengthens joints

As per the study of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, there are 50% fewer chances in runners to suffer from knee osteoarthritis. At the time of jogging, when you put stress on your bones and cartilage, they become stronger.

Good for heart

Running is known as the king of Cardio. Running daily for merely five to ten minutes reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. A runner has half the chance of dying from heart disease than non-runners.

Running burns calories

The study shows a 150-pound person running at the speed of 10-minute a mile burn 12.2(approx.) calories per minute. So, if you really want to burn your calories, just run.

Ultimate for the leg workout

Running benefits all your muscles in legs like inner and outer thighs, quads, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and calves.

Running means total work out

If you are focussing on your six-pack rectus abdominis, running does make a difference. In fact, it is not restricted to only those parts but also works on erector spinae, obliques, and transverse abdominis. It will definitely make you fit and healthy if you manage to run for some time every day.

Running counts as meditation

Take a run-break from your stressful schedule to feel refreshed and insightful.  It enhances your mental power, improves concentration, and helps in fighting anxiety and depression.

The community of runners is powerful, and runners are wellness-focussed people. So when you start jogging, you will get support and good vibes from them.…

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7 Ways Being Healthier Makes Entrepreneurs More Successful

August 4, 2018

A good health does have a huge influence on the way we do business. But this fact is often neglected as we hit the ground running going about our businesses. An entrepreneur who wishes to record more ground-breaking feats should however not be oblivious of how significant living healthy could bring him/her much good. Here, we share 7 different ways by which living healthier equates to more success for the entrepreneur:

Relieves stress

Stress does not just add free radicals to the body system; it affects our output. However, by having a good night rest and following up on an exercise routine, you should be able to put stress in check.

Enhancing productivity rate

The healthier you are, the more productive you will become. It is now commonplace to see entrepreneurs get engaged in a whole lot of activities without taking a rest; studies have however shown that doing this on a regular basis could lead to a burnout. Conversely, it has been observed that top business executives who take short naps regularly [during office hours] tend to be more productive – so, maybe it’s safe to say that a nap is to an entrepreneur what a forex scalping indicator is to a (forex) trader.

Improves memory

An entrepreneur who makes regular exercise – we can take a cue from Richard Branson – a point of duty will be able to improve the health status of his brain thereby maintaining a good focus on the job that he/she has got at hand. Aside exercises, consuming healthy diets, and having pleasant sleep are also critical in this regard.


With your mind power boosted, making calculated and valuable decisions becomes somewhat easy. Since you are in the right frame of mind, you will be able to handle whatever challenge that is thrown your way, and make the right decision [towards the growth of your business] quickly.

Inspires a positive mindset

With weariness out of the way, keeping a positive attitude becomes much easier, and with this, you can get to motivate those – your employees and/or partners – around you to give their best.

Boosts confidence

Whenever you exercise, there is a burst of endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormone and in the long run, this could help you gain more confidence that you need while on the job – for instance, when you find yourself in a tense business atmosphere.

Keeps you active for longer

You will only remain impactful in business for as long as you are healthy. The healthier you are, the better your chances of raising a thriving (business) venture that will stand the test of time.…

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7 Problems With the Life Insurance You Already Own

August 2, 2018

If you hold a life insurance policy of certain amount that doesn’t mean that the life insurance company gives you the guarantee of paying that amount in any circumstances. There may arise 7 such cases where the insurance company doesn’t pay out.


This clause is mainly an incontestability clause under which the insurance company will not pay if you commit suicide within the period of one to two years. There are cases when people take the policy of large amount and then commit suicide for the sake of family’s financial gain. In this case, suicide clause comes into effect and company doesn’t pay. For more information, you may refer

Smoking or another health-related issue

If you have past smoking habits or high blood pressure, then you have to mention them clearly on your original application of the policy, failing which company may refuse to pay. The clause of material misrepresentation or withholding information intentionally also applies here.

Dangerous Activities

Life insurance policy is all about risk management. You need to be honest about your hobbies and lifestyle that are dangerous. Even if you are actively involved in those kinds of activities, you can still take life insurance by making payment for the protection.

Illegal Activities

In this case, you have to mention in the application otherwise if you die while doing any illegal activity, the life insurance company will refuse to pay.

Act of War

The exclusion of act of war is found in some life insurance policy. The company refuses to pay the claim if the civilians are killed in war or the act of war.

Living or moving outside the country

If you move to another country, then the insurance company denies the claim. There may be clause excluding the payment of death benefit, but that should be mentioned in the contract where there are high chances of moving out of the country.


Honesty is the best policy in the life insurance company. At the time of investigation of the death, the company will not pay if you have not mentioned the fact in the application.

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The Uses of the Internet in Medical Field

August 2, 2018

The internet is the electronic world of wonders which is a fast-growing and most interesting medium. The use of computers in medicine is growing rapidly, and it is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The internet is becoming popular day by day in the medical information resource. The varied uses of the internet in the medical field are discussed below.

New vision

By introducing computer-based technology in the medical field, there is an extensive application of internet in the electronic medical record, e-mail, WWW (World Wide Web), and transfer of files. It has created a new vision in patient care, health education and research. This technology is urgently getting incorporated into the total medical information system.

Fast communication

The e-mail with the help of internet is creating a professional relationship between doctors and patients and also between the doctors of similar or different specialties. It has distinct advantages in communication. It is faster, cheaper and can work across the time zone. The presence or absence of the sender or receiver at the two ends and same time does not affect the communication.

Easy access to new developments

The WWW with the help of internet is providing the single platform of image sound and video related to medicine. It is the best medium for electronic publishing of medical journals, magazines, and newspapers. Anyone can access these online medical journals, telemedicine, and other sources on the internet to get updated with the new technological advancements and currently available treatments in different areas of medicine. The social media like the Instagram is also providing useful resources for information and knowledge in the medical field.

Medium of learning

The internet avails the online health screening and assessment, computer-based education and training in varied medicine fields. It is the medium of learning to an international audience. They get access to scientific journals on medicine, educational sites, medicine database research sites, reviews of medical departments and associations along with international chatting facilities.

Sharing medical expertise

The Internet allows instant transmission of graphics and text for medical intervention. It is undoubtedly the ideal medium for sharing medical expertise helping in the treatment of complicated cases, and patients can also get expert opinion via the internet.…

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